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Our Company

If you are looking for perfect IT services for yourself or your business, you will find them here! Simply give us a call, and our friendly support engineer will resolve your issues quickly with hassle free! ANZ Tech Enterprise is dedicated to keeping your technology investment up and running smoothly so you can focus on your business. We Beat Our Competitors Quotes! Got a quote somewhere else? We will beat it by 10%.

If you are not satisfied with our services you will not pay a cent. No questions asked. – Satisfaction Guarantee – Same Day Response If your job is urgent we will be on-site in a couple of hours, not days.

We provide “FREE Quote” and FREE Computer Check and, competitive price in the market.

The goal is to provide quality work making sure customers are happy with services. Please check out our Recent Work, Design Projects, and Support. Our service is proven, guaranteed and affordable.

We offer you a no fix, no fee policy and will never charge more than a maximum of 2 hours for computer repairs to a single computer. Fast affordable computer repairs, laptop repairs and server repairs at your home, business or our workshop.

We offers a range of services and consultation. With our in-depth knowledge and our excellent customer service skills we make sure you are treated right.

Little About ANZ Tech

ANZ Tech Limited has got a small dedicated team have been doing both mobile and in-house full computer repair and Design support service nationwide.

For your convenience, we travel to your place or office to fix troublesome computers and help solve your computer problems.

We have got responsive, proactive, and professionals who provide fast, friendly and efficient on-site computer repairs at your home or office.

Message from our CEO:
With an effective small team of engineers, we promise our clients to deliver the best quality and onsite supports at the most “affordable price”. Affordable price does not mean we use cheap quality services, it means we keep our margins low.

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