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(1) Website development (Custom Website Development, PHP Development, etc.

(2) Website designing (Logo Design, HTML PSD to XHTML/HTML, etc.)

(3) Open source customization/CMS (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.)

(4) E-commerce website development (Magento, OS Commerce, Zen Cart integration etc)

(5) Programming Services (PHP MySQL Development, PHP Frameworks, JavaScript etc)

(6) Mobile application development (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows) etc.


If you are interested then please send us an email with your complete requirements’. We’ll send you our past work details, Company Information and an affordable quotation with the best offer. 

Affordable & Quality Web Design Built in less than 10 days

We build small, low cost websites for you. We focus on simple but look very professional, effective, high-quality websites, with fast delivery.

  • We Design Websites
  • All Your Business Needs
  • We Provide 27×7 Support
  • No Hidden Fees
  • We Provide FREE Quote!
  • We Provide 1 Year FREE Support!
  • Free Consulation For Marketing!
  • First Year FREE Hosting!





  • What if I am “not” based in Auckland?

Bring business to internet will give you great advantage – physical address is not important anymore, not only for you but also for ANZTech, which means we are able to provide same standard service to any clients at any locations. If you click TeamViewer Tools, ANZ Tech is even able to provide remote assistance for you.


  • How much it could cost me for a website project?

As we have marked services cost for each of our system component, however, the final cost for your project would be vary. It is very important to identify your business needs and expectations and how you would like to reach these goals. Our website offer normally will not be as same as your final cost, because our clients will normally more or less need to customize our system to perfectly fit their business.


  • Maintenance cost.

As the entire system is developed by ANZ Tech, some of the online functions only will be feasible with particular web server. In order to reduce unnecessary technical troubles, we strongly recommend you use our web hosting service. We will provide only the best New Zealand Local web host server for our clients. If your business is based in New Zealand, there will be no web space or traffic limit. As Additional services, ANZTech will also provide corporate level email service for you. Best of all, every month ANZ Tech Customer Service team will provide you 2 hours of maintenance service FREE of charge.

Our After-sale service package is $70/Mo, including: hosting, corporate email, phone support and remote maintenance service.


  • Time Frame for a website project.

For average clients, your project will be done within 1-2 weeks of time. In theory, a single website project will only take a few hours to complete, if you do not have any special needs. However, from our experience, most of clients will more or less customize this system to fit their business. For special case, we will need to discuss your project delivery time scale, and give you a project duration estimation.


  • What do I need to prepare before start a website project?

Website is not just another channel to present your business, but also a whole new way to extend your business to a bigger market. It will be your new business platform, new customer relationship management tool and improve your sales for sure. It is not just a website, but an entire business module to make your business better. I hope you are not expecting something too simple.

You need to prepare some high definition pictures about your business, your products / services. Visual effects are very important for any website. A picture is worth a thousand words. Not just saying it. High quality images will give your clients very deep and positive impression about your website and your business. Just in case you do not have good quality content, we will be more than happy to provide our additional service.

All in all, you need to have a version about purposes of this future website. Based on our experience, we will give you some of our advices to make your future website better serve your business.


  • How can I update and maintain my website?

You don’t need to be high computer literate to be able to just use your new website. As long as you know how to use MS-Word, congratulations! You have met the minimum requirement to update and maintain your website by you own. Before your website goes live, our specialist will give you a series of training, to make sure you are confident enough to operate your new website on you own.

We will also be more than happy to update and maintain your website, if you really need our help.



Some other benefit: You get Content Consultation, Hosting, 15 FREE Email Addresses, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Management System.

You will notice the impact of the your website, regularly substantial sales and have had a huge increase in traffic.

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